The Ultimate Guide to Recycling Amazon Packaging

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is the motto that we all need to follow to make our planet a better place. And with the increasing popularity of e-commerce giants like Amazon, recycling their packaging has become more important than ever. Amazon says its packaging is eco-friendly, but still, it’s our responsibility to recycle it properly. And, as more and more people increasingly buy from online stores like Amazon, the packing problem is becoming bigger. Simply tossing the items into a recycle bin isn’t the end of the problem, although it may seem like that to us consumers.

If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled, or composted, then it should be restricted, designed or removed from production

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In this post, I will guide you through some tips on how to recycle Amazon packaging and help reduce the waste from our compulsive shopping from Amazon. Of course, we should try to shop from sone wonderful ethical alternatives to Amazon, but we’d still be left with packaging waste. So, recycle!

So, recycling Amazon packaging is pretty simple. Amazon even gives you some guidelines on how to do it. If you’re in the US and your order is fulfilled by Amazon, all you have to do is go to your Amazon app and click on your order. Then, scroll all the way down to find instructions on how to recycle or throw away the packaging.

However, it’s important to note that Amazon is still putting the responsibility on us, the customers, to deal with their huge amount of packaging. Sadly, recycling is not as effective as it used to be because many plastics can’t be recycled anymore, and even if they are collected, they might not actually be recycled. That’s why it’s time for Amazon to make a change by getting rid of single-use packaging altogether and moving towards systems where we can reuse and refill items.

It’s up to big companies like Amazon to take the lead in eliminating wasteful packaging and making the switch to more sustainable systems. Meanwhile, we still have to deal with packaging waste, so use this handy table to figure out what kind of packaging you have, and what you can do about it:

Amazon’s Packaging Recycling:

Package Type Recyclable? Where to Recycle?
Paper padded envelope mailer Yes Curbside Recyclable
Paper Envelope Yes Curbside Recyclable
Brown packing paper & paper bags Yes Curbside Recyclable
Invoices, receipts, and packing slips Yes (but self-adhesive labels are not recyclable) Curbside Recyclable (make sure to shred them first).
Cardboard box and cardboard folder Yes Curbside Recyclable

Paper padded envelope mailer: Recyclable? Yes. Where to recycle? Curbside recycling programs.

Paper Envelope: Recyclable? Yes. Where to recycle? Curbside recycling programs.

Brown packing paper & paper bags: Recyclable? Yes. Where to recycle? Curbside recycling programs.

Invoices, receipts, and packing slips: Recyclable? Yes (but self-adhesive labels are not recyclable). Where to recycle? Curbside recycling programs. Make sure to shred them first.

Cardboard box and cardboard folder: Recyclable? Yes. Where to recycle? Curbside recycling programs.

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